The Private Pilot Licence (EASA PPL) is a qualification that permits you to act as the pilot-in-command of an aircraft for private use. For future professional pilots, it is also the first step in the aviation career. The PPL syllabus includes both practical flight training and ground-based study. The EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Licence is valid throughout the UK and Europe and is usually acceptable worldwide subject to individual national requirements.


You will need to complete a minimum of 45 hours of flight instruction including at least 10 hours of supervised solo flight time.


All pilot licences require a medical. It is fine to have a trial flight and some initial lessons but you should avoid committing to any further training before having a medical check with an approved Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). We can tell you where your nearest AME is located.


As part of the application for a private licence, you will need to pass exams in the following subjects:

  • Air law
  • Human performance
  • Meteorology
  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Principles of flight
  • Operational procedures
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Aircraft general knowledge


At the end of you training you will need to take a test with an examiner to demonstrate that you can competently carry out the procedures and manoeuvres that you have been taught by your Flying Instructor.


The cost to learn to fly is variable depending on the time it takes you to complete the course. This would include aircraft hire, fuel, exams, medical costs, Instructor fees and landing fees. The PPL course is briefly outlined above to give the minimum training requirements. The instructional hours may go beyond the required amounts depending upon your aptitude, previous experience and consistency.

Unlike many other training organisations, we operate on a simple “pay as you go” basis. This means that you do not have to worry about committing to non-refundable training packages to secure our best prices.

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